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Fuel Tank Cleaning

Need for Diesel Conditioning & Diesel Tank Cleaning

The Impact of fuel quality

Less Utilization of Diesel engines, you may only use a small amount of fuel filled in the fuel tank, Unused fuel can age, grow microorganisms and accumulate water & other contaminants.

Fuel Contamination

Fuel system contamination is a fact of life. The most common contaminants found in the diesel fuel are:

  • Organic Elements
  • Micro-Organisms
  • Water
  • Inorganic Elements

What’s the solution?

Fuel contamination is a PREVENTABLE issue, Proactive approach to maintain the fuel quality by removing the contaminants at regular intervals (6 months to 1 year depends upon the contaminant level).

Fuel purification system will remove the contaminants & slowdown the microbial growth in the fuel tank, will stabilize the overall fuel quality before entering the engine fuel system,


  • Prevents 80 % of fuel system related failures & breakdown
  • Prevents Fuel tank corrosion
  • Prevents early clogging of fuel filters